The Menu

We kept the menu simple and basic. Fewer choices but with 100% of the flavor. Nothing beats a Southern Style Smoked Burger, soaked in sauce, with a side of banana pudding. There is something about this combination that is oh so comforting.

smoked burgers.png

Southern Style Smoked Burger

A truly unique entree, something you’ve never tasted before. Our burgers have been smoked with aged Pecan wood that is sourced from the deep South. It’s a painstaking process but the end product is worth the time and effort. Leaving the fully cooked burger with a beautiful smoke ring, that is juicy to the last bite.

Banana pudding2.png

The Banana Pudding

Nothing says comfort more than homemade banana pudding made from scratch. So rich and sweet, the creamy texture is the perfect treat to complement our Southern Style Burgers. No matter how you are feeling that day, one spoonful is all you will need to raise your spirits.


The Sauce

The finishing touch to our Southern Style Burgers is the sauce. Hand selected ingredients that are slowly simmered for hours. We then allow our burgers to rest in the sauce soaking up every ounce of deliciousness. The secret recipe, developed over 20 years ago, carefully tweaked as time progresses.