HyKreations offers an advanced selection of soil amendments and fertilizers formulated to aid and grow all types of flowering and fruiting plants. Our Wisdom product line defines the terms bio-availability and microbial diversity, two key components that allow a plant to reach its full genetic potential. Life, Heart, Soul, Essence and Nobel Gills optimize nutrient uptake in all plants by way of Bio-mineralization. Our Wisdom line provides the perfect ingredients for soil blends that contains coco coir, perlite and compost. 



HyKreations specializes and renders scientific solutions that cover all genre of agriculture. We apply our knowledge and experience to focus on plant growth, yields, and quality.  We do so using nutritional programs designed to promote soil health, to minimize the impact of environmental stresses, and disease maintenance (soil and air borne plant pathogens).  We have developed several nutritional programs,for just about anything from A-Z. Here are some of the crops we have worked with: Alfalfa, Bell Peppers, Broccoli, Chili Peppers, Citrus Trees, Leafy Greens, Pecans, Potatoes, a variety of nursery plants and hydroponics.  

Being founded by scientists we know our microbes. We have worked with several species of beneficial bacteria. To name a few Bacillus species: B. subtlis, B. amyloliquefaciens, B. megaterium, B. vallismortis, and B. thuringiensis.  While working with these organisms we have developed multiple successful microbial products, most notably Hydroguard.  


Writing Services

HyKreations offers professional and technical writing services. Our composed blogs are intended to educate and engage the customer, while solving their current issues. On the more technical sides of things we also offer scientific write ups and labs reports. This is a promise to our customers, we will be 100% honest. We as scientists will present the facts and the honest truth. If you have any questions about our writing services please contact us. Let's talk about how we can use blogs to be an effective tool for sales and brand recognition.

Above are links to two written blog style articles that were composed by our C.E.O. and Co-founder Derex Zellars.