Wisdom Line

Our Wisdom Line consists of advanced soil amendments and fertilizers formulated to optimize nutrient uptake at each phenological stage of plant development. NOBLE GILLS, HEART, SOUL, ESSENCE, AND LIFE are completely compatible with all irrigation system and complements both indoor and outdoor cultivation.

All of our liquid products come in the follow sizes: Quarts (32 oz).

Life is available by the bucket (11.4 lbs)

For larger sizes, orders and pricing please email HyKreationsinfo@hykreations.com

We deliver to the greater Phoenix area! 



“Noble Gills 3-1-1” is a high quality liquid fish fertilizer, formulated to aide at each stage of plant development.  “Noble Gills 3-1-1”contains a 3% digestible protein nitrogen derived from fish soluble. This proprietary blend of fish fertilizer helps maintain steady plant growth during vegetative stage while providing just the right amount of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium for fruit development. Noble Gills 3-1-1 provides an abundant food source for beneficial microbes with every application to the soil and foliage.
 What makes “Noble Gills 3-1-1” so unique? Is the combination of sardine species . While sardines may be small, they are an excellent choice for a fish fertilizer.  Sardines tend to live in colder water. Living in this environment the fish produce a higher fat and protein content. It is these fish that are chosen for “Noble Gills 3-1-1.” The true royalty of the sea. 



Heart delivers a high quality humic acid to the soil rich with microbes. While humic acid may facilitate nutrient availability giving the plant life; the rich microbial diversity gives the soil life. Heart is the foundation of all fertility programs, providing a continual food source to beneficial bacteria. The mineralization of carbon is initiated making nutrients and minerals available that may aid in plant growth. 



Soul a liquid humic acid derivative designed by nature to bind, transport and deposit vital nutrients and minerals to the plants metabolic sights. Souls' low pH solution allows minerals to remain in there ionic form rendering a higher rate of absorption by the plant cells. The unique positively and negatively charge molecular structures of Soul, makes for a universal chelator of all macro and micro nutrients.



The purest form of Ascophyllum nodosum (Seaweed) can only be found in Essence. Our mineral rich kelp is formulated and designed to feed your plants below and above all season long. Essence naturally contains plant growth hormones. When used as a foliar spray, Essence provides available minerals that act as co-factors activating biochemical reactions in the plant cells. Due to Essence purest form, the fibrous material is an excellent source of organic matter and microbial food. 


Life 3-5-2 

Life is a combination of all natural ingredients fused into one soft  dry fertilizer. Life provides the necessary macro nutrients needed to sustain plant development during all stages growth. In the early stages of plant growth, it is vital to provide calcium to young seedlings, Life contains 8% available calcium, which is just as important as N-P-K. Life will help increase microbial diversity in bulk soil blends speeding up the process of mineralization. Life can be mixed, topped and or side dressed at the appropriate phenological stages. This 3-5-2 provides the ideal ingredient for compost brewers.


Seed Bank Box

Seed Bank Box is a monthly subscription that provides 8-10 varieties of seeds. Our Seed Curator will be choosing amazing seeds to put in the boxes every month. Everything from root vegetables, vining vegetables, fruit plants, leafy greens, edible flowers, rare heirloom varieties, even medicines, the possibilities are endless. All of our seeds are for edible gardens.

  • 100% Organic

  • Non-GMO

  • Heirloom

  • Rare Seeds

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