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Wind Damaged, Bareroot Pecan. Tornillo, Texas 

Bare-root pecan trees planted in mid June show significant damage caused by wind and sand. "Heart" was applied at a rate of 5 gallons/acre on the subsequent irrigation following the wind storm. Noticeable new growth emerges weeks after application, bringing the tree out of shock. In addition to Heart applications, Life was applied at a rate of 1 pound around the base of the tree. The Wisdom product line has shown to bring bare-root pecan trees into production 18 months sooner than conventional fertilizers.


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                                       Wisdom Program

Sodic soil and heavy clay compaction have lead to the decline of pecan production in New Mexico and Texas. The most noticeably impact is the stagnant water that remains for days on top of the surface after irrigation causing anaerobic conditions . Heart was applied over the growing season at a rate of 5/gallons to the acre. After two months of applications compact soil began to open allowing water to drain into other parts of the soil profile.