Microbial Inoculants 

   Carefully selected for their survivabilty,viability and naturally occurring mechanisms; HyKreations Microbial Isolation represents a category of beneficial soil bacteria that is used in all stages of plant development.  Our Microbial Isolation consist of functional groups that categories how each species survives in the environment. Heterotrophic-Facultative Anaerobes-Pseudomonas-Actinomycetes-Yeast and Mold all cultured on custom agar.



AcKtina is a microbial soil inoculant that contains a  combination of two naturally occurring beneficial microbes cultured and Isolated in a controlled environment to ensure a consistency in quality and quantity. Research on AcKtina in both laboratory and field applications have shown significant improvement in soil recovery.

 AcKtina contains two Streptomyces species that are morphology similar that may enhance nutrient uptake from the rapid decomposition of complex organic and inorganic materials. Nutrient availability is optimized by the mineralization process from organic matter thus, increasing microbial diversity. Not only does it feed the plant but it feeds the beneficial microbes as well.  AcKtina radiates a petrichor motherly earthy, like the smell when rain hits the soil.


Building Diverse Soil

Frequent inoculation with AcKtina will ensure a viable population is introduced to the soil.  With the addition of Acktina to the mixture, the soil now has a  decomposer that may enhance nutrient availability.

One  benefits of using Streptomyces species is their ability to grow mycelia. This web like structure can easily travel through the soil searching and breaking down nutrients as it goes. Having the proper concentration of Actinomycetes in the soil may help balance the population of beneficial microbes.