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Application Guide and Usage

Soil Application

The following recommendations are a guide to help maximize plant growth by optimizing nutrient available during plant development. Essence should be mixed at a rate of 30 ml/gallon of water.  Apply every 3-4 weeks. Use as a root dip and drench.

Foliar Applications: Mix 30 ml/ gallon of water. Spray foliage every 3-4 weeks. Spray fruit 3 weeks before harvest to extend shelf life. Spray before and after flowering.



Hydroponic Application

For hydroponic use apply Essence at a rate of 1.5 ml/gallon. Allow the solution to settle prior to application. Essence should be applied starting at rooting and ending in early flower. It is not recommended for use after flowering has begun. Adjust pH as needed.

For foliar applications we recommend using a combination at a 1:1 ratio of Essence and Soul. This mixture should be applied during early vegetative growth and cease at early flower. Leaves should be sprayed until the solution runs off of the leaves. Apply this solution at dusk or early evening