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Hail Damaged Chile Peppers. Wilcox, Arizona

Chile pepper damage in Wilcox, Arizona can be disastrous for red chile pepper production. Chile peppers are indeterminate plants however if the hail event occurs later in the season there may not be enough heat units available before the temperature changes. Soul and Essence were applied as a foliar application after this event. The hormonal content of Essence and the penetrate ability of Soul immediately brought the chile pepper plants out of shock.


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           Wisdom Program

Chile pepper farming and production starts here in Wilcox, Arizona. Above are two plots treated with Wisdom product line, Heart, Soul and Essence were carefully chosen to minimize vegetation growth and maximize yields. Chile pepper plants were set at 3 different stages. Step 1) reducing vegetative growth 2) reduce internode spacing and 3) increase fruit setting. 

Wisdom product line has increased green and red chili production averaging 23-30 tons per acre. Control plots average 18-20 tons per acre.